Employment-Massage Inc

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Massage Inc


We are purely providing the space for you
to rent.

If you are interested please contact
Shelley on 082-488-4349

Please read carefully on 
how Massage Inc operates:
You need to be Well Groomed:
Dress smart and Up-Market
Book your own clients:
We don't allow clients to just arrive to choose a lady. 
You will need your own phone to operate your business. 
Charge what you like:
Offer what you like:
Market yourself:
A minimum of three adverts:
1 on Red and 2 on Purple or 2 on Red and 1 on Purple
These are paid for and arranged for by you.
You must be Honest:
Know that you are representing the Massage Inc and we will not tolerate ladies that scam, threaten, blackmail or steal from clients in anyway shape or form.
A minimum of 10 bookings per week is required to keep your slot.
We have ZERO tolerance for any form of drugs. 
If you are found with drugs or drug paraphernalia on you, we will ask the police to escort you off the property. 
Do not allow a customer to bring any drugs onto the premisses, The moment you see it you stop and tell him to get out immediately! 
We do not allow illegal foreigners to work here. 
Rate of R200 per night
if you have done less than 3 bookings that day.
But If you have done 3 or more then it's free.
You work when you like, the salon is open everyday : 7:30 to 22:00
But must be in by 17:00 if you wish to work late. 
Room Fees:
R300 per hour booking. 
Same for travel bookings. 
You need to be consistent:
🌼With your availability!
🌼With your price!
🌼With giving good services!
🌼 With your marketing! 
Then you will be successful 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷